The interior of mild steel fertilizer tanks are a perfect environment to be attacked by many sources.

  1. Salt and chemical deposits on the interior of the tank can eat away at the steel, causing fertilizer tank corrosion.
  2. As humidity increases, more rust occurs as water condenses on the metal.
  3. Fertilizer has changed. Lack of corrosion inhibitors in the fertilizer and longer, year-round storage are taking their toll on mild steel tanks.
  4. Finally, chemical (fertilizer) attack from high, low or even neutral pH fertilizer    causes damage and eventual fertilizer steel tank failure.



Above liquid level, as the product level raises and lowers, Enviro-Coat penetrates rust and corrosion, removes moisture and provides long-term protection of exposed steel and fertilizer tank corrosion prevention. At liquid level, Enviro-Coat provides a blanket to stop evaporation, which causes major rust rings at the air-liquid interface. It also helps eliminate product evaporation and inventory loss. Below liquid level, oxygen is eliminated. Enviro-Coat clings to the metal surface and resists being washed away, providing additional protection from attack from the product being stored.


Enviro-Coat is a special blend of fertilizer tank rust inhibitors suspended in a viscous liquid. The paraffinic nature of the base product adds to rust resistance. It floats on the fertilizer and doesn’t mix with it, meaning the fertilizer is protected. It’s not a paint or fuel oil and can be re-used season after season with many fertilizer and salt solutions. Excellent results take place with 28% and 32% UAN, 10-34-0, 7-21-7, etc. Enviro-Coat outperforms other products on the market in rust and corrosion performance tests. It is manufactured by an ISO 9001:2000 and DNV-certified company. You can be assured that the raw and finished product meet the highest standards.

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Enviro-Coat Articles of Interest

Treating tanks not empty

Enviro-Coat Rust Resister floats on all grades of clear liquid fertilizer and suspensions (not aqua ammonia). Pour or pump the recommended amount into the fertilizer. As the liquid level changes, Enviro-Coat penetrates rust and corrosion on the inside of the tank and removes moisture. Use the amount shown in the table below. It is important to maintain a 1/8” layer. A rate of 1/4 the initial amount is recommended to be added on an annual basis.

Treating empty tanks

Enviro-Coat may be applied directly to exposed metal surfaces. If this is not practical, pour the product over the bottom of the tank. As the tank fills, a thin film protective coating will be deposited. Maintain a 1/8” layer and replenish as needed.

Additional uses

Enviro-Coat can be used for many areas to prevent rust on exposed metal or iron. It is an excellent lubricant and can be used in the shop on valves, chains, augers or other areas in contact with corrosive or rust forming environments.

VERTICAL TANK DIAMETER Gallons – For 1/8″ layer
8′ 4
9′ 5
10′ 6
11′ 7
12′ 9
14′ 12
16′ 16
18′ 20
20′ 25
22′ 30
24′ 35
26′ 41
28′ 55
30′ 55
32′ 63
34′ 71
36′ 79
38′ 88
40′ 98
42′ 108