Enviropac, Inc. services two markets.

Enviropac, Inc. manufactures Seed Treaters that are sold to farmers. They are mounted on bulk seed tenders and are used to dispense talc & graphite to help seed to be planted more evenly. Also, they are used to dispense products like inoculants that enhance seed growth.

The second market is the Fertilizer Dealer market.

A. We manufacture Enviro-Coat Rust Resister that helps extend the life of steel tanks that rust internally from the products they are storing.

B. We Distribute fiberglass, stainless steel & mild steel tanks that store fertilizer products. Fiberglass is becoming much more utilized because of the cost (compared to stainless) & longevity (compared to mild steel) of fiberglass in the fertilizer industry.

Company History

Enviropac, Inc. began over twenty years ago providing products to the fertilizer market. In the beginning, we were one of the few Companies furnishing fiberglass tanks to this market. The market was predominately supplied with mild steel tanks. But with the change in products being stored, fiberglass was much more corrosive resistant and has gained a larger share of the market.

We began manufacturing Seed Treaters in the late 1990’s as bulk seed handling started. We first started dispensing inoculants onto seed. Then as seed treatment from the seed companies has been put on all seed, it became more difficult to plant properly. Our systems were adapted to dispense products like talc & graphite that are lubricants to help with planting consistently and evenly in the field.