augerdrillinverterComplete Package provides the grower with blending for special seed or handling conditions. Can’t use one of our HANDS FREE systems, the portable systems is for you. The old fashion way of using a stick or baseball bat is gone! The package includes auger, drill, case, battery charger & special power inverter.


augerStirring Auger provides gentle mixing of the grain & seed treatment. The shaft of the 24″ auger can be shortened for the exact planter or drill depth. 2 3/4″ pitch auger is lightweight, but provides the blending required for thorough mixing.




drill14.4 Volt, low RPM, variable speed drill provides speed of operation for proper blending. Adjustable torque setting protects the grain drill, planter & stirring equipment from damage.



inverter“Special” Inverter converts vehicle DC power to versatile AC power for “in-field” charging between fills of the planter or drill.


Variable speed, low RPM drill provides the correct blending speed for special product requirements. Drill has adjustable setting to protect drill & planter from damage. The size of the grain drill or planter & blending time will determine the number of fills per battery charge. In general, the battery is capable of 8 to 12 fills of the planting equipment between charges. Charging between fills will provide charge to the battery to provide additional fills during the day

The Inverter converts DC power to versatile AC power for in field battery charging.

  • PS140C Complete system with: Drill, Charger, Case, Auger & Inverter
  • PS140P Drill, Charger, Case & Auger
  • PS14001 24 inch Blending Auger W/8- inch Flight & 2 3/4 Pitch
  • Product Blended – Most dry inoculants & seed treatments.