Using talc and graphite in planters has become popular, and for good reason. Applying talc and graphite to seed after that seed has been treated is a smart decision that will ensure your seed treatment stays on the seed, while ensuring smooth flow of seed through the planter.

In times of high humidity, seed treatments readily absorb moisture after they’re applied to seed, and that seed can stick together. Seeds can clump and bridge inside seed hoppers and cling to seed disks found inside seed meters. That can spell trouble. When humidity is low, static electricity can develop on the seed, which can clause clumping and bridging, too.

Applying an 80/20 mix of talc and graphite to seed ensures smooth flow of that seed through a planter. Talc and graphite help keep seed dry in humid weather, and keep static under control during the dry times.

Enviropac’s talc applicator attaches easily to a seed tender and helps you easily apply talc and graphite to your seed in just the right amount, helping you keep that seed moving smoothly through your planter.